生活英语听力文章 第196期:70个你应该避免的愚蠢话题(04)2018-12-02
Asking, What happened? when learning of someone’s death.
生活英语听力文章 第195期:70个你应该避免的愚蠢话题(03)2018-12-02
Here are THINGS YOU NEVER SAY TO OR ASK A FRIEND: 你永远不应该对朋友说的话有:
生活英语听力文章 第194期:70个你应该避免的愚蠢话题(02)2018-12-01
If the woman is with an older guy, is that your dad? 问身边带着一个大叔的女生,他是你爸爸吗?
生活英语听力文章 第193期:70个你应该避免的愚蠢话题(01)2018-12-01
I now think twice before buying anything that has the potential to add complexity to my life.
生活英语听力文章 第192期:生活因简单而美好(03)2018-11-30
I now think twice before buying anything that has the potential to add complexity to my life.
生活英语听力文章 第191期:生活因简单而美好(02)2018-11-30
The best way to trap a monkey is to build a cage with an opening just large enough for his hand to fit though so that he can grab a cookie or banana inside the cage.
生活英语听力文章 第190期:生活因简单而美好(01)2018-11-29
What are some of the things you enjoy most in life? 生活中你最喜欢的事情是什么?
生活英语听力文章 第189期:真诚的无形力量(03)2018-11-29
Being authentic can be empowering. You will know that you are living a life with purpose, using your talents and skills productively
生活英语听力文章 第188期:真诚的无形力量(02)2018-11-28
Today, more than at anytime during my lifetime, people can sense when someone is not being authentic. One of the primary reasons is because people today are less trusting.
生活英语听力文章 第187期:真诚的无形力量(01)2018-11-28
Reflect on the experience of meeting someone for the first time and feeling an immediate connection. What was it about this person that you found attractive?
生活英语听力文章 第186期:130方法成为超级时间管理者(27)2018-11-27
Use cruise control. Determine the maximum speed you are willing to drive and then set your cruise control.
生活英语听力文章 第185期:130方法成为超级时间管理者(26)2018-11-27
Cook once, eat twice. Maximize your meal preparation time by preparing enough for two meals.
生活英语听力文章 第184期:130方法成为超级时间管理者(25)2018-11-26
Exercise regularly. Exercising is not only healthy, but it gives you more energy and improves your ability to focus so you can tackle your tasks more effectively.
生活英语听力文章 第183期:130方法成为超级时间管理者(24)2018-11-26
Buy in bulk. For things that have a long shelf life (office supplies and household goods), anticipate a 6- or 12-month supply so you don’t have to restock often.
生活英语听力文章 第182期:130方法成为超级时间管理者(23)2018-11-25
Gas station multi-tasking. While filling up your gas tank, clean the trash out of your car, wash the windows, or go to the bathroom.
生活英语听力文章 第181期:130方法成为超级时间管理者(22)2018-11-25
Don’t rehash old things. Rehashing things from the past that you can’t change is a waste of time. What’s done is done!
生活英语听力文章 第180期:130方法成为超级时间管理者(21)2018-11-24
Study best practices. What can you learn from someone else? A lot!
生活英语听力文章 第179期:130方法成为超级时间管理者(20)2018-11-24
Explore shortcuts. You might know one way to get from Point A to Point B, but is there a shorter route?
生活英语听力文章 第178期:130方法成为超级时间管理者(19)2018-11-23
Manage your meetings. Poorly run meetings are time wasters. Show your respect to all parties by starting and ending on time.
生活英语听力文章 第177期:130方法成为超级时间管理者(18)2018-11-23
Measure how long projects take. You can’t improve what you don’t measure.
生活英语听力文章 第176期:130方法成为超级时间管理者(17)2018-11-22
Harness the power of your team. When you are faced with a large project or anything that takes a great deal of time, don’t forget about the other members of your team.
生活英语听力文章 第175期:130方法成为超级时间管理者(16)2018-11-22
Two computer screens. If you work in multiple applications or programs, using two computer screens to save time from opening and closing multiple screens may be helpful.
生活英语听力文章 第174期:130方法成为超级时间管理者(15)2018-11-21
Organize your websites. Make unsorted bookmarks a thing of the past. Use a free bookmarking service (delicious.com for example) to store, organize
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